StreamZoo Photo Booth Contest Winner

Drum roll please!

We're happy to announce that the winner of the StreamZoo Photo Booth Contest is Lynne Watanabe!

Congrats Lynne! We can't wait to see the pictures you'll be taking with your new Holga camera from Urban Outfitters!

On the day of the Happy Go Techy Expo she took this picture and wrote:
"The things an entrepreneur has to do to get attn #Happygotechyexpo #StretchySuit #Seattle #StartUp"

Not only did she seize the opportunity to take a photo of the blue DealSpringer man she also talked about entrepreneurship which is one of favorite topics here at Happy Go Techy. The picture captured everything we were looking for - geekiness, fun, and community!

Do take a look at the other great photos that were taken at the event using StreamZoo here. While you're checking things out, do learn more about the DealSpringer app as well. They were showcasing their mobile app at the expo but just in case you weren't able to make it you can learn more on their website.

The app empowers you to promote special offers instantly right from your phone or computer at your terms in real-time. Deal Springer updates your Facebook Fanpage, Tweets & Emails your offer, updates your mobile store page and sends alerts to people nearby!

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